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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Patricia Jerido of Leadership Matters Consulting is a strategy and leadership expert who counsels leaders on how to effectively disrupt and change systems that hold people back.

Having worked with NGOs and foundations for over 30 years, managing staff and giving away over a ¼ of a billion dollars to nonprofits around the world, I have seen what works and where leaders fall short of making the impact they seek in the world.

I have developed mindfulness practices, tips, and techniques that provide leaders sustainable ways in which they can effectively disrupt and change systems that hold people back.

We are faced with a changing world where society is rapidly transforming and the presumptions, we grew up with are being challenged. The future ahead requires us to understand the past but be open to the unimaginable. Current leadership styles need to be flexible, whole-hearted, and dynamic.

Leadership Matters works with people committed to changing the world with sustainable leadership.

There exists a world of difference between thinking social justice and living social justice. How we manage, fundraise, communicate, allocate our time, and execute campaigns should be in alignment with our principles and values. Our actions are what defines us. Every day we get the opportunity to make hundreds of decisions. Becoming more mindful of our daily actions and working to make sure they are aligned with our values is what Leadership Matters will help you achieve. LMC’s work with clients, centers on developing practices you can put into place, for you to effectively lead with your values to ensure you are winning your campaigns to transform the world.

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Few people are as effective at nurturing social change makers and their ideas as Pat Jerido. Pat not only clearly loves what she does, and is at one with her purpose in life, but most importantly, she loves people and deeply believes in their capacity to create the world we need to see. And, she is singularly renowned for it. From conception to actualization, grassroots to global, community organizations to international foundations, Pat has been and continues to be there, wherever the next horizon is, wherever she is needed. In my own work, she has been an incomparable guide.

-Stephan Said, Singer-Songwriter 

Stephan Said

"As a brand new president and CEO of a social justice nonprofit, I engaged Patricia for help in the areas of fundraising and staff management. She was the perfect coach. Her questions cut through my layers of insecurity and I grew immensely as a leader during our work together. She listened attentively and always seemed to know what questions to ask to get me to an "aha" moment about my leadership. 

Her coaching was honest, forthright and constructive. Patricia always had my goals in mind. My sessions with Patricia always left me feeling more competent and empowered. As a result, I have begun 2017 with a sense of excitement about my leadership and the organization. I could not recommend her more highly as a coach." 

Marie Alford-Harkey, President & CEO, Religious Institute

Marie Alford-Harkey

Patricia helped me tap into my own joy and compassion--I think this is the essence of what she’s about. Her coaching style and skill set are particularly flexible and responsive. She helped me see myself more dimensionally, recognize the work I need to do and the decisions I need to make and led me through practical exercises that catalyzed this self-knowledge into real, practical change. This coaching experience truly transformed how I work as a leader, how I lead myself, and how I make decisions. I feel empowered, I trust myself more, and my path is more clear. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough! 

-Deborah Fisher, Executive Director,

A Blade of Grass

Deborah Fisher

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